CALISTO: Remote Numerical Services of the Earth Science Institute of Orléans


The CALISTO server accepts calculation requests, performs the calculation and sends back the result.

Requests and responses are exchanged using the JSON-RPC protocol, version 2.0.

A request sent to the server has a method field specifying the function to be executed and params field containing the parameters passed to the method.

The methods (or functions) the server can execute are grouped into modules. The fully qualified name of a method has the form module-name/method-name. For example the module named property has a method named list_units, that takes no argument and returns the list of physical unit symbols the server does understand. To invoke this method in a request you would use its fully qualified name, which is property/list_units. A full request would look like this:


The modules and their methods are listed in the next section.

The property module is described after.

List of modules and methods

The property module

This module has a method that calculates the value of a physical property of a substance at some conditions, according to a model.